About Us

Meet the Team

At Chicagoland Leasing and Management we constantly try to stay up with changing laws and trends in the business and attend multiple conventions a year as well as many local educational opportunities going above and beyond the minimum required for licensure. This helps reduce liability for our clients while still making the business of being a landlord profitable.

Our goal is to market your property to find the best qualified tenant, minimize vacancy periods to maximize income, and respond quickly to service requests from tenants to ensure their satisfaction and increase the chances of having good tenants renew leases. Having a vacant investment property is an income killer that we try to avoid as much as possible by having leases expire during busy times of year if possible and negotiating longer leases with our good tenants when it's advantageous to our owners.

While we have a maintenance coordination department our management staff if setup based on portfolios which ensures that when you or your tenant need anything there are multiple people who are familiar with you and your property. While maintenance is a fact of life in the landlord business we try to minimize the cost associated with it by having preventative maintenance done when possible to avoid costly repairs and also negotiating discounts with vendors.